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Potential complications

Possible haemorrhage may occur inside patient’s eye during surgery. It is very rare – once or twice in every 10,000 operations. In this case the method of treatment (hospitalization, if necessary) will be agreed upon after the surgery.

Another rare complication is an eye inflammation which occurs approximately once in every 10,000 operations. This complication may develop during the first month after the surgery. The symptom: vision in the operated eye worsens considerably and quickly. In this case call immediately the Nõmme Eye Centre +372 656 7677 or contact an eye doctor on duty (in Tallinn at Ravi str. 18 or your local eye doctor on duty). Eye inflammation is usually treated in a hospital.

NB! Redness of the eye, itching sensation and watering of the eye do not indicate a dangerous inflammation. Instead, they are all part of the normal healing process. Clean the eye and use eye drops as prescribed. Sudden worsening of the vision is the symptom of a more serious complication.


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