Nõmme Eye Centre

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Experience and high qualification

Every doctor working in Nõmme Eye Centre has at least 20 years of experience in treating eye diseases. Our team of surgeons has performed over 20,000 eye surgeries. In stressful situations, effective teamwork is of utmost importance.

We communicate with patients in Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish languages.

Eye surgeons

Dr. Tõnu Kuddu – the most experienced cataract surgeon in Estonia

Dr. Mare Latt


Dr. Reet Ots

Dr. Aivi Ojasalu

Dr. Aili Neier

Dr. Mailis Valdaru

Dr. Tiina Palumaa

Dr. Anne Roost


Katrin Pillart

Surgical and treatment nurses

Erika Peterson

Marju Talur


Aire Avent

Tiiu Paabo


Address: Rahu 2a, Tallinn, Nõmme, 11619
Info phone: +372 656 76 77
E-mail: info@silmakeskus.ee
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